Modern Charcuterie

Sophisticated and effortless way to entertain guests at home.

Elegant | Heartfelt | Sexy | Sophisticated | Modern

‍Brand identity

Website design and development

Packaging + Unboxing Experience

The idea for Modern Charcuterie was born during the onset of the pandemic in New York City when Nakia - the founder, was creating thoughtfully assembled charcuterie boards to send as a gift to her friends and family and help them endure these difficult times. Modern Charcuterie celebrates the joy of gathering and sharing beautiful food.
The brand image  represents premium quality of the product but also conveys the warm and joyful feeling of coming together around the table. The color palette is built around elegant Payne’s Grey combined with warm beige tones. Fonts are  calligraphic, personal and the use of grids and divider lines resembles the look of old-school Parisian deli while still speaking to modern New Yorkers.